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Who are we? 
Leisure Center Indre Valby (Fritidscenter Indre Valby) consists of five youth club units offering activities for children and young people after school. Our five clubs are located in the district of Sydhavnen, Sjælør, Enghave, Folehaven and Sluseholmen only a few kilometres apart. 

Our clubs are: 
Bryggergården located in Enghave
Folehaven located in Folehaven 

På Toppen located in Sluseholmen
Rubinen located in Sydhavnen
Sjælør Fritidsklub (SFC) located in Sjælør 
At SFC Klub we also have a secluded club for slightly disabled young people with special needs. 

We used to be five separate activity clubs for young people, but were united in 2016 under the name “Fritidscenter Indre Valby”. We are still five individual clubs with permanent leisure time teachers, but we co-operate with each other when we have larger activities, projects, theme parties and so forth. 

Opening hours
We have divided our members into three different groups depending on their age and grade in school: 

- An After School Club (FK) for children between 10-12 years. 
- A Junior Club (JK) for children between 12-14 years. 
- An Evening Youth Club (UK) for the oldest children/young people between 14-18 years.

Our five clubs have different opening hours depending on whether they offer FK, JK or UK. Find more information here or contact the individual club you are interested in. Follow this link and find our contact page.  

Our values 
At Fritidscenter Indre Valby we strive to create a safe environment, where the children have the opportunity to develop personally and make healthy relations to other children across age groups. In everyday life we focus on participation, community, independence and appreciative pedagogy – hereby respect for the individual child. 

Our everyday activities includes: 
Our five clubs offer different daily activities depending on the indoor facilities and outdoors area they have. As a member, the child can be in any club he/she wants, but belongs to a specific one depending on his/hers school and place of residence. 

Overall we offer activities such as: 
- Different kind of games: board games, pool games, Ping-Pong, table football etc.  
- Different kinds of workshops: A creative workshop, a wood workshop, a sewing workshop, a clay workshop etc.
- Computers/eSport, where the members can play with each other.
- Music studios where the members can play on different kinds of instruments, sing or record their own music. 
- Sport: All our clubs either have a gym hall for all kinds of activities or have access to one.  
- Play grounds 
- An animal playground with rabbits, goats, chickens, pigs etc. (the animal playground is placed nearby Folehaven)
- Live role-play and magic tournaments. 

We also use the facilities of the local surroundings such as skate parks, fenced areas for playing different ball games, visit parks etc. Other than that we have access to mini vans, when we are going on trips further away.

If you want to know more about one specific club and which activities they provide, you can always give us a call. 

Signing up
Are you and your child interested in visiting one of our clubs before you sign up your child for a place in one of our clubs, please contact us directly and arrange a meeting. We will then be pleased to see you and your child and show you our facilities. 

If you have decided to sign up your child, you have to apply through the Placement Service (Pladsanvisningen) in Valby to secure an after school activity place for your child.

You can read more about how to sign up your child here: